AT&T Internet 1000 Review

Well, my first review of AT&T Internet 1000 (formerly Gigapower): the router they give you is terrible. You can’t put the router into bridged mode (i.e. old school dummy router mode to allow you to use your own router). You can put it into a “psuedo” bridged mode by connecting your personal router to the ATT router, and configure it for what’s called “DMZplus.” Basically, you need to turn the wifi off, and set a firewall rule to forward all of your traffic to your personal┬árouter. It works; however, when doing so, it reduces your download bandwidth to 365 Mbps, and upload bandwidth to 260 Mbps—ish (which is way better than what I had before, but still)… When I hard wire my computer into the ATT router, I get the full gigabit throughput. There are tons of articles and complaints about this dating back to 2017 for this particular model router, which is a Pace 5268ac. So, basically, after what I’ve read, you can configure your personal router (which, in my case, is a Linksys EA9200) into a wireless access point to get the full gigabit bandwidth.

The good thing is that if you aren’t a techy, everything works out of the box. No need to purchase your own wireless router if all you plan to do is surf the web, stream, and game. But if you want to host anything out of your house (such as a Plex server, FTP server, website, or the like) unless you use DMZplus, you’re going to have some difficulty.

Of course this is only my 2nd day of tinkering with it. Maybe there is a better solution that I haven’t seen on the Interwebs yet.

So after following a thread on the AT&T forums, I was able to resolve the issue by switching gateways from a Pace 5268ac to an Arris BGW210. Not too much difference, except you can configure the Arris with true bridged mode, as opposed to crummy passthru mode on the Pace. Yay! Gigabit!
Getting rid of Spectrum this weekend. I noticed that the cable package I’m paying for with Spectrum is $97. I had no idea – I don’t even watch that much TV.

Will be streaming with Youtube TV and Amazon Prime, plus using free Google Voice to replace my antiquated landline.


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